Pastrami a go-go and Other Rye Tales of the City

Pastrami a go-go - A Conversation with Author Anthony Tucker

February 10, 2020

In this second episode of Pastrami a go-go and Other Rye Tales of the City, children's book author, father, assistant principal, and teacher Anthony Tucker of the Bronx talks about his journey from East Harlem to the Bronx, teaching, and writing children's books. Tied In is his latest book, vividly illustrated in watercolors by Charlene Mosley, which tells the story of little Tuckie and his creative uses of his father's ties. 'Let your imagination guide you' is the theme of the book. The book is currently available for sale on Amazon. For more information about Pastrami a go-go, please Like the page and follow us on Facebook. Happy listening and enjoy the show!